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As a class assignment in seventh grade, I wrote an autobiography, which I still possesses today.  The last line reads, “When I grow up, I want to be an English teacher,” and that is exactly what I did.

I have written articles for The Sixties in America  and The Seventies in America, reference sets published by Salem Press, but The Crab Hollow Chronicles is my first foray into full-length fiction writing.

Now retired, I am a first alto in the 75-voice South Hills Chorale. I could easily become a Words With Friends junkie if it were not for my vast bucket list (such as conquering those training chopsticks). I live in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, with my husband Frank and travel to Houston and San Jose to visit our two children and three grandchildren.








Here is my family, including Leslie’s twenty-year-old turtle “Turtle” on the far left.  Want to try the “Where’s Thomas” game as per my first post?

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  1. Mike Kunkel
    Mike Kunkel September 27, 2018 at 4:50 pm | | Reply

    Karen, Great story! I really enjoyed it and it naturally took me back to my childhood in the early 1960’s of Baltimore. My family also enjoyed trains and the “Christmas Garden” that my dad and older brother would set up in early December was the initiator of the Christmas season. Christmas was in the air when the trains started running! My parents bought my older brother a large American Flyer un-cataloged set (#336 engine) from an early Christmas sale at a local jewelry store when he was 5, but when he was 10 (the year I was born), my dad allowed him to sell the set to buy an HO Mantua Royal Blue set and that is the train I recall running around the garden and our tree. My dad tried to buy the Flyer set back from the man he sold it to originally, but the guy would not resell it. I was a train fanatic from a very early age, but my first set was a Marx wind-up. When I was about 10, my dad asked me if I wanted an American Flyer train, but we soon found out that Gilbert had gone out of business in 1967, so we went to a few local flea markets and train “swap meets” and eventually my dad brought me two steam engines and several freight cars with track and transformer and I was hooked on that white, cedar smelling puffing smoke and choo-choo sound. I too eventually got into HO and then years later after I got out of the Marines and met my wife, I got into Lionel because I was intrigued by them. Just two years ago I sold my entire Lionel collection and used that money to buy an American Flyer collection which runs around our Christmas Garden every year. Our daughter (who is a teacher as well) grew up with a train around the tree and still loves trains as much as I do. She (and her husband) want to set up a train around their tree, but at this point they are concerned that their dog might attack the train!
    PS I must read your article on Fear of the Nuns. I too am a product of Catholic schools and I know for a fact that the wooden pointer with the rubber tip had a metal rod through it, as that wooden pointer was broken across the back of neck in 5th grade by Sister Emily!!!!

    Mike Kunkel

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